Last summer I wrote about our experience after the first six months of sailing into the private charter scene in beautiful Antigua.   At that time Gadaboat was the “new sloop in town”.  Now, numerous charters later and growing, the comment that I have received most often is “you are living the dream” a close 2nd is “best day ever”.  After a lot of prayer and growing pains, George, myself and Gadaboat with Travis and Kahree, have settled like a cord of five strands, a strong crew that is always there for each other so that our guests get “the best day ever”.  Behind the scenes there is always work to be done, in  anticipation of meeting new guests on the next charter.

But are we living the dream? Our guests board Gadaboat with smiles, they are already happy. As we leave Jolly Harbour it is only moments when everyone starts engaging with one another, the sails are unfurled, refreshing drinks are served and we are off.  When turtles are sighted the smiles get bigger, and to see a dolphin or on occasion a whale, smiles bubble into joy.  Omarrie describes the coastline, the home of his Antigua childhood.  The captain’s jokes never get old … even for me 😊

When we are anchored, an appetizer is served with beverages,  now is a good time for some playtime in the sea.  Omarrie gets to go too, to guide the snorkelers or swim ashore with the guests.

A hearty, healthy local lunch is served with chilled wine and those smiles are now coming from the inside out. Eventually it is time to weigh anchor and sail homeward sipping a refreshing rum punch or two.  By now we are all good friends and it is fun to relax and let Gadaboat do the rest.   George will put out the fishing pole, and we all hope for a fish.  Then someone says “You are living the dream” and I look and see everything around me, I feel the warmth of the sun, the coolness of the breeze, the colours of the sea, land and sky, my guests sunkissed and laughing, the feel of Gadaboat sailing beneath me.  I also see God and whisper “thank you, thank you, thank you”

Stacey and George

“sailing is fun”

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