I wanted to write a review for you to use on your platforms, but I realized I had so much more to report back on than “We had the best time and would do it again and Stacey’s punch was rockstar and Travis is amazing and we love George.”🤣
Please feel free to use quotes or snippets as you wish (pasted below) – or use the whole thing if you think anyone will even get through it. But I just needed you to know, truly, what an exceptional one-of-a-kind experience you gave us. And how wonderfully kind and gracious you both (plus Travis!!) are.
Lindsay & Josh Stewart

We discovered George and Stacey on Trip Advisor, and found wonderful friends for life.

My husband and I booked the six hour private charter to celebrate so much. We’ve been married 20 years, I just turned 40, and we’re trying to navigate this wild time in NYC, working from home with our two boys doing remote learning. An Antigua adventure for just the two of us sounded like Heaven.

We feel most alive when we’re on the water, so we knew a trip to the Caribbean would not be complete without a sailboat day!

Right off the bat, first communication was prompt, so friendly and genuine. We couldn’t wait. (Stacey even asked us about food likes/dislikes, confirming any allergies, etc.) We would get to sail, anchor, swim, listen to music, have appetizers and lunch, sip wine and enjoy “Stacey’s soon-to-be world-famous punch.”

The woman’s punch has got to be the best rum punch in the world and has certainly surpassed any humbly titled “soon to be famous” status. AMAZING. 

George, our seasoned captain, is a lovable storyteller with an infectious smile, a sharp-witted personality perfectly rough around the edges, with an empathetic sparkle in his eye that comforts, “We all have such a story to tell, I see you.”

Stacey greeted us on the dock with her mask on and her beautiful, warm eyes beaming and welcoming us aboard. Her arms literally extended toward us and she said, “Hi Lindsay, I wish I could just hug you. You must be Josh.” We gave our best air-hugs and she welcomed us aboard as if we’d just been invited to spend a year in their home. Like family.

Travis is the strong and devoted deckhand and must have the most electric, show-stopping smile we’ve ever seen. We found ourselves just wanting to look at him again and again because his eyes lock in and when you see his smile you want to smile right back – even if only half as brightly as him! Travis listens with his whole body, too. We loved hearing about his family and he cared to ask about ours, too.

Blondie is their little, sweet, smiling doggie who seemed to enjoy sitting right next to Josh as we took turns petting her. She’s definitely living the good life! 

We laughed at jokes, cursed under our communal breaths at the current, shared frustration of the obvious, listened to each other, and introduced each other to our families by showing photos from our phones and talking about our kids and telling stories about our dogs who’ve passed on.

Stacey, George and Travis were beyond hospitable, anticipating our every need in the most genuine, discreet way. Glasses were topped off, snacks were passed through the galley to us as we stretched out on the bow, towels, photo-ops, right down to the music selection and volume. We even climbed into the water, Travis handed us the pool noodles and once situated, lowered down our Rum Punch, and then offered to snap photos and video of us as we floated, right there in the middle of paradise. Brilliantly done!

We anchored at two separate coves, swam, snacked on the most delicious salsa Stacey created, and ate lunch prepared by Whelimina – which was the best meal we ate during our stay in Antigua: Roti and amazing apple and goat cheese salad! With rosè wine!

We were invited to make ourselves at home on the boat and relax where we’d like. So we spent time at the back with George and Stacey and Travis, spent time in the water, and also spent a lot of time on the bow, stretched out in comfy seats on the deck, resting, laughing, smiling and daydreaming and feeling so full of gratitude.

It really was the most beautiful day and the water was a 10/10 for it’s turquoise clear blue color. Smooth sailing by definition. At one point, I hollered back to our trio, “I could just cry!” And George hollered back to me, “It’s perfect, I might cry!”

I’ve cried three times looking at the photos from that day, since we’ve been home! The bad news is we didn’t move in with George and Stacey that day. But the good news is we will see them again. The best news is, of course, that we even met them at all.

I’ll continue to be grateful for them, for this day, for the rest of my life. It unlocked a part of me that’s been shoved away in a box at the back of the closet, probably similar to the parts of me that have been covered up and held hostage by this mask I’ve been wearing for almost a year now. I was reminded what it felt like to be a risk-taker, an adventure-seeker, a human-interaction-lover, a life-liver. They inspired me. They gave me a hope that right now, while the cities we’ve always called home are struggling to figure out their new way, I don’t have to wait around for it. I have one shot.

George and Stacey, thank you. Truly.

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