Gadaboat shipmate Travis Austin

As owner of Gadaboat (with my husband George) I am so thankful for our progress over the last few years since we started this amazing private charter business. Through a lot of twists, turns and growing pains I feel we have the magic just right, maybe yet a few tweaks here and there to improve, but we “Got It” and it’s smooth sailing…… almost as easy and effortless as we make it look.
Our Shipmate, Travis is a very big part of our success. We were trying to navigate our way in the beginning and having excellent help was not going to be easy to find. So I did what I always do and said a prayer, yes I gave God a list of what I wanted in the person who would be the 3 rd member of Gadaboat’s crew.

One day a deckhand was a no show, and we had guests ready to board. George called his friend Trevor Austin and asked if he could fill in for the day. Trevor wasn’t available, but he sent his son. So Travis showed up in minutes in a Gadaboat T-shirt his Dad gave him and the rest as they say “Is history”. Travis gave me a reassuring smile, untied the lines and we were off. It was an instant friendship. Being on the water for 10 years and captain of several charter boats Travis knew his way around, and efficiently crewed the boat with George and helped me host the guests. Travis was born in Guyana, but raised in Antigua and entertains the guests with lively conversation about Antigua and sports (of course).
He always smiles and never seems tired, but I’m sure he is at times. He is a Christian (yes that was on the list too). I’m thankful for the prayer, because Travis is everything I asked for.

*Travis is a professional photographer and does our onboard weddings and engagements (and that addon was not on “the list”)

*Travis and his wife Brittany got engaged on Gadaboat before we met him

*If the name Austin sounds familiar its because “From Whelimena’s Kitchen to our Table” is his Mother,who is always at the ready for us too.

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